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Whether you are a beginning machinist or a seasoned veteran, there is always something new to learn. This website features a collection of machining oriented videos that range from basic machining practices used on the lathe and mill, to advanced techniques for those looking to further their skills. There is even a tutorial section where you can watch and follow along as projects are built from start to finish from furnished and available drawings. Don’t feel like learning? And don’t forget to visit the links page for one of the most extensive collection of machining oriented links on the web. There is a lot to see here so dig in and explore, you just might learn something new!


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What’s New?

I’ve received a number of emails and messages inquiring about my whereabouts, when the next video is coming out and even whether or not I’m still alive. I assure you that I am still kicking, in good health and as ornery as ever. The reason there have not been any new videos for a while is plain and simple: I’ve taken the summer off. We’ve had a particularly harsh winter here in Michigan, including an all time record snowfall of nearly 100 inches. That combined with the fact that I do have a full time job means that any spare time that I find is spent outdoors, instead of in the machine shop. In fact about the only time I have spent in the shop this summer has been spent prototyping things I’ve designed for work. For some reason, they actually want to know that the stuff works. I am also an avid outdoorsman and spend a lot of time at our cottage on Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula (Yes, I am a Yooper). I’ve been spending the summer fishing, shooting trap, golfing, dirt biking, exploring and spending time with my family and dogs (some of it actually in the dog house).

When the weather around here goes to hell, which it surely will, I’ll be back in the shop looking for something to do. I have an extensive list of topics and suggestions for instructional videos and project tutorials, many provided by you. One of the first things on the list will be the clamp type knurling tool that I promised for the next project tutorial. It will be similar in design to the one I used when making the carriage stop and will be classified as another intermediate project.

Thank you for all of the kind emails and messages and for participating in the site. I’ll see you soon.




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A collection of basic instructional videos covering safety, the use of measuring tools, operation of the lathe and milling machine and the grinding and sharpening of tool bits and drills.Learn More

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A series of video tutorials centered around useful projects that you learn by building. The degree of difficulty ranges from basic projects selected for the beginner to more advanced projects for the experienced machinist.Learn More