Tom Griffin

I’ve been working with metal since the mid 60’s when I discovered that it could be melted and cast into all sorts of interesting shapes in my 7th grade industrial arts class. In high school I took every machine shop class available and worked in various shops through the vocational machine shop and co-op programs. My interest in machining continued through college where I attained an associate degree in Machine Tool Technology and a B.A. degree in Trade Technical Education. Yes, I became a shop teacher. I taught high school industrial arts, welding and vocational machine shop, at the same time increasing my experience and honing my skills by working in various machine shops over the summer months. After a few years, I took a job with a DOD contractor as a research machinist where I spent the next 23 years building whatever the scientists and engineers could dream up. From there I took a job as a mechanical designer and prototype machinist for a start-up biotech company, where I am currently employed, designing and prototyping bio-research instrumentation used for drug discovery. Over the years I have acquired experience in many areas of machining and fabrication. I’ve been a shaper hand, lathe hand and mill hand, ran numerous grinders from horizontal and vertical surface grinders to ID/OD grinders and even spent some time on a Brown and Sharpe #13 doing form tool work. I’ve also acquired extensive experience as a fabricator, ranging from simple welded steel structures to extensive 4130 tube structures used in aircraft, and in aircraft sheet metal work on both airframes and equipment.

My drive to teach has come full circle and the time has come to share some of the techniques I’ve learned over the years with others. My goal with this website is twofold: To provide the neophyte machinist, young or old with enough tools that they can learn to use basic machine tools in a safe and efficient manner and to supplement the experienced machinist with a few new ideas and techniques that they might not have seen before. Hopefully you will have as much fun discovering and exploring the joys of machining as I have.