The most common type of knurling tool is bump type knurling tool. It is simply a holder for one or two knurls that is held in the tool post of the lathe and pushed against the rotating workpiece to form the knurl. Since knurling requires a considerable amount of pressure to form the knurl, this type of holder puts a lot of strain on the cross slide nut and screw. A better option is one of the scissors type knurling tools that clamps a pair of opposing knurls on the part. This is better, but the scissors type holders tend to have a fair amount of spring in them which can make it difficult to get a clean start on the knurl. The best type of knurling tool I’ve found is a clamp type holder that uses opposing screws that push on the knurl holders directly. This results in an extremely rigid knurling tool that imparts no stress at all on the cross slide of the lathe.

The clamp type knurling tool makes for a fairly simple project that includes only four unique machined parts, the body that serves as sort of a frame to hold and locate all of the parts, a knurl holder to…well, hold the knurls, a mounting bracket to mount the tool in the tool holder of a quick change tool post and a back plate that like the mounting bracket, holds the knurl holders in their slots.

Some of the operations required to build this project are:

  • Sawing

  • Milling or belt sanding radii

  • Squaring stock to size

  • Milling slots

  • Drilling

  • Tapping

  • Case Hardening

I recommend that the following videos be watched and mastered before starting this project:

The Clamp Knurling Tool project isĀ  work in progress. The design and drawings are complete and as the videos are produced, they will be posted below.

Clamp Knuling Tool


Drawing Downloads