Climb Milling Vs. Conventional Milling

An explanation and demonstration of climb milling and conventional milling. Positive and negative points of each technique will be covered as well as examples of what can go wrong.

Cutter and Backlash Compensation on the Milling Machine

The topic of this video cutter and backlash compensation. I discuss what it is, how to deal with it and give a practical demonstration on milling a pocket using dials only, without the aid of a digital readout.

Use of the Fly Cutter on the Milling Machine

The fly cutter is a very useful accessory for machining large surfaces in the milling machine. This video covers how to use the fly cutter and how to properly grind a cutting tool for it.

Using a Chart to Find the Center of Holes on a Bolt Circle

A simple chart can save a lot of time in finding the center of holes on a bolt circle. Instead of setting up a rotary table or calculating the centers with trig, just multiply the diameter of the bolt circle by the constants on the chart for the XY offsets.

Cutting Speed and RPM on the Lathe and Mill


Proper rpm on the lathe and mill increases tool life and productivity. This lesson discusses how to determine the proper cutting speed for various metals and how to convert that cutting speed to the correct rpm for the tool or part.

Indicate the vise on a milling machine in just one pass

Time spent on machine set-up is time lost making chips. Here’s a quick and simple method to indicate the vise in just one pass and in less than a minute.

How to square up stock on the milling machine

A step by step procedure for squaring up a block on the milling machine, a skill every machinist must master.

How to Mill a Pocket or a Slot on the Vertical Milling Machine

A simple approach to milling a square or rectangular pocket on the vertical milling machine.

Center a Rotary Table in Under a Minute Without an Indicator

A novel technique to center a rotary table in under a minute without using an indicator.

How To Mill A Part That’s Too Thin To Mill

A technique for milling a part to a thickness that would be impractical with traditional methods.

How to Use an Edge Finder to Locate the Center of a Hole


Here’s a real time saver, using an edge finder to locate the center of a hole instead of an indicator.

How to Make a Twist Drill Safe for Use on Brass and Plastics

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One of the most hazardous operations in the shop is drilling holes in plastic or brass, especially in the drill press. Here is a simple technique to prevent drills from grabbing when drilling soft materials.

How to Power Tap

An unconventional tapping technique that you won’t find in any machining class or text book, power tapping is a quick and easy method of tapping a hole.

How to use the Corner Rounding End Mill

A quick demonstration on the proper use of the corner rounding end mill.