These are links I’ve stumbled across over the years that I’ve found to be either useful or interesting. If you have some favorites you would like me to add, please let me know. If you find that any of the links are broken or incorrect, I’d like to know that as well.


Machinist’s Talk
A forum community dedicated to machinists, engineers and DIYers

Metalworking Fun
A forum for all types of metalworkers

Home Shop Machinist
and machinists workshop

Mad Modder
This is a place for those who like to build, craft or modify anything (and everything!)

The Home Machinist
A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby

Practical Machinist
Largest Manufacturing Technology Forum on the Web

Home Model Engine Machinist
A Worldwide Hobby Community Dedicated to Machinist Built Model Engines

The Largest Group of Metalshapers on the Internet

Metalshapers Association
Metalshapers Roundtable

Machinist Web
Machining Forum

Metal Artist Forum
The Fusion of Metal, Passion of Art and Forging of Knowledge

I Forge Iron
Blacksmithing and Metalworking

Model Engineering Website
From across the pond

Model Engineer
Another one from across the pond

 Bonelle TCG
Tool and cutter grinder plans

A Hobby Site FAQ Source for Machining & Tool Enthusiasts

Dean’s Photgraphica
Taig projects

Plans, Projects and How-to’s for Home Machinists

Projects in Metal
Free Metalworking Projects, Plans, Tips and Tricks

Jan Ridders Modelbouw
Free model engine plans

David Kerzel
Hit or Miss Model Engine

Gadget Builder
and little workshop

Tool Post Grinder Plans
1941 Popular Science

Dan’s Workshop Blog
Photo blog of recent D.I.Y. happenings in and around my workshop

Peter’s Articles
How to build a pantograph

Mike Brown Solutions
Steam Engines

Reliable Steam Engine
Plans and castings

Metal Lathe
Machine accessory drawings and castings

Martin Model and Pattern
Patterns and Castings

Tom Blough
Project ideas

Mini Lathe Workshop
Useful projects for small lathes and milling machines

The Big Bearing Store
Yup, bearings

Book Depository
A good source for the Workshop Practice Series books

Debolt Machine
Parts, castings and kits for IC engines

Industrial tools and supplies

Factory Steel
Metal supply

Gardner Spring
Springs, springs
All you need to know about the G0704 mill

Tools and supplies


Herback & Rademan
Surplus components

KBC Tools and Machinery
Machining tools and supplies

Threaded products

Used metalworking machinery

Lee Spring
and more springs

Little Machine Shop
Tooling, parts, and accessories for bench top machinists

Industrial supplies

Mesa Tool
Tool holders


Industrial supplies

New England Small Tube
Small diameter stainless tubing

Online Metals
A good selection of metals

Otto Frei
Jewelers tools and supplies

PEC Tools
Good quality machinists tools at reasonable prices

Penn Tool
Machining tools and supplies

Planet Engineers
The source for engineering materials

Plaza Machinery
Used and surplus machine tools and parts

Reid Supply
Industrial supplies

The Robot Marketplace
Motors, drives, R/C systems, supplies

Robot Shop
Motors, drives and supplies

Rovi Products
Work holding products

Schupan & Son’s
Aluminum and plastics

Machining tools and supplies

Stock Drive Products
Precision mechanical components

Super Magnet Man
Magnets duh

Suplus Sales of Nebraska
More surplus components

Surplus Shed
Optics, gears and whatever

Tools 4 Cheap
Machining tools and supplies

Travers Tool Co.
Machining tools and supplies

United Nuclear
Scientific equipment and supplies

Wonder Magnet

Joe Landau’s Metalworking Index
Machining article database

Pat’s Big List of Metalworking Sites

New England Model Engineering Society

Machine Tool Reference Archive

Online Conversion
Everything converted

Midwest Tool Collectors Association
World’s Largest Tool Collecting Organization

Hyper Physics
Physics resource

Machine Shop Mathematics
An oldie but goody

Allrite Spring Company
A great spring design calculator

Theoretical Machinist
A super reference site

Budget Casting Supply
Supplies for the small commercial foundry and home hobby foundry

Small Foundry Supply
Supplies for the home hobby foundry

Welding Tips and Tricks
Jody’s welding site

TM Technologies
Sheet metal tools and techniques

Dave Propst
Tech articles on building an arbor press and sand blast cabinet

Incandescent Ironworks
Smithing projects and tips



A Woodworkers Guide to Tool Steel and Heat Treating
A good introduction to metallurgy in layman’s terms

Color Case Hardening
A thread from HMEM

Heat treatment of aluminum alloys

Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel
An excellent book on heat treating theory (PDF)

Tidewater Blacksmithing Guild
Steels Useful for Tools

Tidewater Blacksmithing Guild
Heat Treating Tool Steels



Alex’s Anodizing
Anodizing info

Dalmar Plating
Plating supplies
The Homepage of the Finishing Industry

Metal Finishing Guide Book
A wealth of metal finishing information

Plating Sales
Plating and anodizing supplies

U.S. Specialty Color Corporation
Anodizing chemicals in quantity

CNC Router Plans

DAK Engineering
Home of Turbo CNC

Gecko drive
Motor Controls

CNC Cookbook
Software and information for machinists

Automation Technologies
Motion Control Parts and CNC Equipment
A homebuilt 40W CNC laser

CNC-Joes Workshop
CNC is not just my passion – it’s my addiction

CNC information and forum

eMachine shop
CNC machining from your computer



Light Object
PID controllers, motor drives, sensors

All Electronics
Thousands of electronic and electro-mechanical parts and supplies at discount prices

Allied Electronics
Electronic parts

Electronic parts

Electronic parts

Mouser Electronics
Electronic parts

Marlin P. Jones
Discount electronic parts

Good information on gear cutting

Lathe Novice
Good information on cutting metric threads on an imperial lathe

Machining and foundry videos extraordinaire

Drill Point Grinders
Drill sharpening information

Lots of tips and tricks

An American Tradition
Handmade Kentucky long rifle

Mauser Central
Mauser reference site

Barrelmaking 101
Drilling, reaming and rifling

Machining the AR15 Lower Receiver Forging
by Ray Brandes

How to Build an AR15
Brownell’s Gun Tech video

The 1911 Project
Build a 1911

M-1911 Technical Issues
1911 technical links

Hot Blue
A hot bluing information thread from Cast Boolits

Checkering the Front Strap of a 1911
A discussion on hand checkering metal

Western Sky Publishing
Gun drawings

Firearm Files
More gun drawings

CDNN Sports
Internet superstore

Ed Brown
1911 parts

Caspian Arms
1911 Receivers, slides and parts

Drill Masters – Eldorado Tool
Gun drills

Pacific Tool & Gauge
Gun drills and reamers

Joe Bob Outfitters
Parts, accessories and ammo

Natzchez Shooters Supplies
Parts, tools and ammo

Parts tools and supplies

Wolff Gunsprings
Precision firearm springs

Smith & Alexander
1911 parts

Bravo Company
Parts and ammo

AIM Surplus
Parts and ammo

Palmetto State Armory
Parts and ammo

Fulton Armory

Tactical Machining
AR15 parts

Rock River Arms
AR15 parts

AR15 parts

Yankee Hill Machine
AR15 parts