A series of video tutorials centered around useful projects that encourage a hands on approach and help you learn by building. The degree of difficulty ranges from basic projects selected for the beginner to more advanced projects for the experienced machinist. Complete drawing sets are provided that the viewer can use to follow along on video tutorials where the projects are built from start to finish. Each project also lists prerequisite instructional videos that should be watched and mastered before the project is undertaken.


These projects are selected with the absolute beginner in mind. The machining processes included are basic lathe work such as facing and turning, basic mill work such as squaring stock to size, drilling and tapping.View Projects
This series of projects is intended for those who have more of a working knowledge of machining. The processes included are single point threading on the lathe, taper turning, and mill work including the basic skills plus boring and some use of the dividing head.View Projects
This section is intended for the advanced machinist who already has lots of experience and who isn’t afraid to try something new. View Projects
This section includes “look over my shoulder” videos to see how I approach machining projects of my own. View Projects