When I’m not making instructional machining videos, I actually build stuff. Here’s a video montage on an ambitious project I started last year, the building of a Stevens Favorite .22 caliber rifle. Every part is, or will be hand made by me down to the last screw, even the rifled barrel. The original rifle belongs to my uncle and he had asked me to get it working again. I ended up making a new firing pin and fitting a new extractor to get it shooting again. I liked the rifle so much that I disassembled it, measured and sketched up every part and made a CAD model, complete with detailed drawings. The three photo montages below show what has been made so far. Tasks left to do are drill and rifle the barrel, make the front sight and rear leaf sight, make and fit the extractor and heat treat and blue all of the parts. The entire build thread can be found in the Gunsmithing section of Metalworking Fun.


My son and I decided to try our hand at long range shooting, so we each bought a Browning A Bolt III rifle and what we figured were suitable scopes. He opted for 7mm magnum and I got a 300 Winchester magnum. He had no trouble mounting his scope, but when I attempted to purchase one piece rings, I found that nothing was available for that particular rifle and a scope with a 30mm tube. As a result, I decided to design and build my own. I normally use SolidWorks for my designs, but I’ve been itching to try out a new free cloud based 3D CAD program called OnShape, so that’s what I used to model and detail the mounts.  I also decided that it might be fun to shoot video during the machining. Nothing fancy, just something to give my viewers a chance to look over my shoulder and see how I approach a machining project. Anyway, I ended up shooting two hours of video and divided it into four parts to keep from boring you guys to tears all at once. I am also going to provide links to PDF files of the drawings so you can follow along if you like. Those links are provided below, followed by the videos.

Drawing Downloads